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[live2d model creation] Vtuber debut pack_Summer preparation issue

[live2d model creation] Vtuber debut pack_Summer preparation issue

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Introducing the Live2D model creation pack recommended for Vtubers making their debut!

What's more, this time you can choose the model size from the 2 packs.

・Character design ・Creating illustrations for Live2D ・Sorting Live2D parts ・Live2D modeling

You can order all of these at once, so even beginners can feel at ease!

✅All prices shown are inclusive!

What's more, you can communicate with the creators directly on the Discord server, so you can communicate your requests with confidence ✨

There are many payment methods available, so you can make your request without straining your wallet.

👇Payment methods list👇

Take this opportunity to create your own Live2D model and make your Vtuber debut!


The application period for this project is from 2024/06/23 to 2024/07/25
Early bird discounts are available only until 23:59 on each date.

Deadline for application Benefits
First shot 06/23-07/02 Mini SD illustrations/2 random distribution materials (1 of which is standby screen material)
Second edition 07/03-07/10 2 random distribution materials (1 of which is a standby screen material)
Third installment 07/11-07/18 1 random distribution material

*Mini SD illustrations are items that cannot be posed. (Size 500 x 500px)

*You cannot specify the product for random distribution materials. The gifts will be chosen completely at random by the person in charge.


Creation promise☆★☆Creation is limited to your own original illustrations☆★☆


[Free revisions]
Illustration: 2 times Modeling: 2 times

*After that, an additional fee of 1,430 yen will be charged for each additional revision.


[About bringing in your own design]
If you have an illustration created by another illustrator, please be sure to get permission to use it for Live2D creation and to make some modifications before requesting it. Since the costumes etc. will be changed from the original design, please be sure to get permission.

*At the time of submission, the illustration will be used with the consent of the copyright holder not to exercise moral rights.


[About the production scene]
Illustrators may broadcast live the process of creating their work. If the artist in charge is broadcasting, it might be fun to go and watch it.


[About the nomination of illustrators and the progress of production]

You can nominate an illustrator for this pack. Please note that you cannot nominate a Live2D modeler or a Live2D part division person. The creators in charge are listed below.

・Anko・Ma tribe・Guri・Mori no Mushroom ✖This (sold out)

Parts division person

・Kazuki-kun ・Snow Mountain

Contact with creators will be made through our designated Discord server. (Please prepare your account.)

※※※An invitation email will be sent to your email address, so be sure to check it※※※


[Product Contents]

Easy plan Luxury Plan
Illustration size Up to bust size
Approximately 2,000 x 2,000px
Whole body
Approximately 3,000 x 6,000px
Modeling Contents Eyes open/smile/mouth open/head Z/hair shaking Z/breathing Eyes open/smile/mouth open/head Z/mild head XY/mild hair movement XYZ/body Z (mild)/breathing
Included items Icon illustration
① Icon illustration

② Two-sided character drawing
Estimated delivery time About 18 days About 23 days
price 21,450 yen (tax included) 62,920 yen (tax included)

*All items listed in the product description can be made to order.
*We can also accept additional orders in addition to the modeling listed above. If there is a movement you would like to see, please contact our staff.

*Please note that if you have large head decorations, other large decorations, or hand-carrying items, a separate quote will be required.



・Broadcasting use ・Personal use ・Broadcasting use on monetized channels (Livestreaming)
・Video works in which this product is not the only main content (teasers, etc. are permitted)

*Adult content is prohibited.


【Prohibited matter】

・Secondary distribution/sale ・Statement of identity as the creator ・Actions that violate politics/religion/crime/public order and morals ・Use of product images or screenshots for merchandise/production of goods ・Selling product images or screenshots such as LINE stamps ・Using on IRIAM, etc. without the permission of the person in charge ・Using as IRIAM return gifts (please contact us separately if you wish to do so)
・Other commercial uses


[About distribution on monetized channels]

Any profits earned through livestreaming on a monetized channel belong to the user and we have no involvement in it. If we determine that you are violating any of the prohibited activities, we will take appropriate action.


[Start date]

Generally, delivery will begin within 3 business days of purchase.
*The next start date for the Ma tribe is July 11th.
*Hinomoto's next start date is July 18th.


[Delivery days]

It will take a certain amount of time from the start of handling until delivery, as stated in the product details.
Thank you for your understanding of the above.

*Please note that some changes may occur depending on progress.


[Delivery file format ]

This product: .moc3 (model file) + standing illustration (one model facing forward)

Attached items: .png expected

Early bird bonus: .png format is assumed for illustration products


[If you have any other questions]

We are not responsible for any troubles that may occur while using the model.
Additionally, we do not offer refunds or returns.

If you have any questions, please contact us via message.


1* You can choose the illustrator, but due to the nature of the pack, you cannot choose the part separator or Live2D modeler. 2* If there is excessive decoration on the costume or excessive decoration on the head, a separate estimate will be required. Handheld items and weapons will also be charged separately. 3.*You cannot choose the random material gift for the early bird bonus. Please note that the materials will be selected by our staff from the materials currently listed in the SHOP. 4. The texture and finish of the illustration may vary depending on the person in charge. Please be sure to check the taste before purchasing. We cannot accept changes to the person in charge after the work has started.

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