A large number of character portraits for IRIAM have been added

Good evening, this is the person behind the scenes.

This announcement is regarding the addition of a large number of character portraits for IRIAM.

This month, 20 new character portraits have been added!

It's so huge~~~~📢

Moreover, there are so many cute illustrations...

Popular genderless models have also been added!

☆★☆Check out the model used in the thumbnail here☆★☆

All prices include copyright transfer , so you can purchase with confidence.

Since IRIAM has a culture of giving gifts in return, it's very important to have illustrations that customers can use with confidence!

It can be used for digital rewards as well as real goods.

Some products come with multiple variations, so don't miss out!

Moreover, all the character images for IRIAM can be optionally changed to Live2D.

You can create a simple Live2D by selecting Live2D in the options selection tab.

And it takes 2 weeks to deliver!

This set allows anyone to easily become a Vtuber.

By the way, all of the character images for IRIAM can also be used as regular character images, so they can also be used in TRPGs or as fixed characters.

And recently, the number of payment methods has increased dramatically.

Isn't that a lot?

We also offer the popular PayPay and Paydy deferred payment options, so even those without credit cards can make purchases with peace of mind!

Paydy, a deferred payment service, also supports installment payments, so if you're interested, check out the official website.

>>>Paydy official website<<<

We only introduced five characters this time, but there are plenty of other wonderful character images for IRIAM.

Please check out our shop page to find your favorite IRIAM character portrait.

>>>Check out the character art for IRIAM<<<


☆★☆Cover song thumbnail creation project in progress☆★☆

This is a recommended project for new Vtubers and those who want to try singing covers.
You can safely request thumbnails for your singing covers from an illustrator for a fixed price, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out!


☆★☆Currently, the IRIAM campaign is also underway☆★☆

👇More details here👇


☆★☆【Campaign】Purchase F-39 and get 2 materials for free☆★☆

We are currently running a campaign where if you get the cute F-39, you will receive 2 free materials!

👇More details here👇

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