SHOP Terms of Use

Article 1 Definitions The following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") apply to users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") of "YamaokaSuno SHP" ***Address Atre Enter*** (hereinafter referred to as "This Site").

Article 2 Establishment of Terms and Conditions <br/>When a user purchases or downloads a product from this site, they are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Article 3 Eligibility to use materials posted on this site <br/>The right to use this site and all posted materials is reserved only to the user who purchased it. Transferring, reselling, or otherwise using the materials by third parties other than the user is strictly prohibited.

Article 4 Disclaimer <br/>This site shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or trouble arising with third parties as a result of the use of materials posted on this site.

If we determine that it is difficult to continue providing this service due to force majeure such as natural disasters such as fire, storms, floods, earthquakes, war, civil war, power outages, other unforeseen incidents or accidents, or due to maintenance or excessive access, we may suspend or cancel this site without notifying users.

Article 5: Ownership of Rights and Copyright <br/>All rights to the materials posted on this site belong to Yamaoka Suno and creators affiliated with Yamaoka Suno, with the exception of some products which include a copyright transfer fee, and rights are generally not transferred to the purchaser.

If you wish to transfer the copyright of materials for sale, including Live2D models, or agree not to exercise moral rights, or use them in printed materials, you must consult with the administrator of this website and enter into a copyright transfer agreement.

Article 6 License for Downloadable Content <br/>By downloading the content posted on this site, the user is granted a license to the purchaser.

Users may use the site for both personal and commercial purposes, provided that they comply with these terms and conditions.

Article 7 Prohibited Uses <br/>The following uses are prohibited on this site.

1. Distribution, resale, or lending of the posted materials

2. Distributing or selling the published materials as products

3. Use and actions that violate public order and morals

4. Any use or conduct that may be deemed criminal or antisocial

5. Any other conduct that the Site may deem to be overwhelmingly inappropriate

6. Excessively modifying the posted materials

Article 8 Measures for Violations, etc. <br/>The measures to be taken when a user commits a violation, etc. are as follows.

1. If this site determines that a user has violated the prohibitions in Article 7, or if this site deems it necessary to take action against a violation, the user will be blocked. After this action is taken, the blocked user will lose all rights to use the materials provided by this site, including any purchased products.

2. Users shall not raise any objections to the response of this site.

3. In addition, if this site determines that the violation is serious, this site may request that the user pay 50,000 yen per piece of material that constitutes the violation as a violation fee. This is a measure against the violation, so it is not a fee related to the transfer of copyrights, etc. If copyright transfer is required, a separate fee for the copyright transfer will be incurred.

Article 9: Regarding Cancellations <br/>In principle, no refunds will be given in the event of cancellation, and the regulations regarding cancellations are set out as follows.

1. We will not accept any cancellations or refunds after purchase, except in cases of obvious product defects or delivery delays of more than one month from the scheduled delivery date.

2. If the purchaser wishes to cancel without falling under any of the above conditions, the transaction will be considered completed for the ordered items, and any future requests will be refused.

3. If there is a defect in the download content, we will send the correct data to the purchaser as soon as possible.

Article 10: Regarding requests to affiliated creators <br/>The following terms and conditions apply to users (hereinafter referred to as "requesters") who make custom-made requests to affiliated creators (hereinafter referred to as "affiliated creators") who have contracts with this shop.

1. The requester must make payment for Live2D requests or other requests to affiliated creators by bank transfer or at this shop or the booth shop.

2. Yamaoka Su shall not interfere in any way with the content of requests made by clients to affiliated creators, and shall not bear any management responsibility.

(1) Yamaoka Suno will introduce affiliated creators based on the client’s wishes.

(2) There are no restrictions on personal contact between the requester and the affiliated creator after the introduction. Personal contact is permitted even if additional requests are made.

3. Since there are large differences in the quality, texture, and usability of the final product depending on the affiliated creator, the client must designate and request the creator at their own responsibility.

(1) The client must, at his/her own responsibility, investigate the quality and texture of the affiliated creator he/she is going to designate in advance using various methods.

(2) Once a designation has been made, it cannot be changed during production.

(3) If there is a problem with the quality of the completed work, the client must notify the designated affiliated creator of the problem themselves.

(4) Refunds will be governed by Article 9, "Cancellation."

(5) However, if a cancellation or refund is required due to the designated Affiliated Creator's circumstances, the Affiliated Creator in charge will handle the refund himself/herself after consulting with the requester. In this case, the refund amount and other details will be decided in consultation between the Affiliated Creator and the user.

4. When a request is made on a freelance basis (without a specific request), the affiliated creator who accepts the project is responsible for quality control, and the affiliated creator in charge must create the requested work in good faith and deliver the resulting product to the requester.

(1) Even if the freelancer has already decided on the affiliated creator in charge of the request, the requester may request to change the affiliated creator in charge as long as the rough draft has not yet been created.

(2) If Yamaoka Suno receives a notice from the client requesting that the affiliated creator in charge be changed, Yamaoka Suno will promptly change the affiliated creator in charge.

(3) However, the change of person in charge as described above shall only apply to illustrators.

Article 11: Response after delivery of requested data, etc.
1. Basically, any requests for revisions after delivery will require a separate quotation.

2. However, if obvious defects are discovered within one week of delivery, the above does not apply. In that case, the creator in charge is obligated to promptly make corrections and deliver the correct data to the client.

3. If the affiliated creator has not been able to contact the client for more than one month after delivering the data, the transaction will be considered complete and all work will be terminated. Any requests for revisions after completion will require a separate quote.

Article 12 Jurisdiction <br/>In the event of a legal dispute arising in relation to these Terms and Conditions, the Sapporo District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance.

Article 13 Revision of these Terms <br/>This site reserves the right to revise these Terms at its discretion. If these Terms are revised, the revision will be posted on this site and will come into effect immediately after it is posted.