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Tanabata - Background and parts set for streaming

Tanabata - Background and parts set for streaming

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This is a perfect background for streaming and Vtubestudio items for Tanabata.
It might be fun to do a collaborative stream with a set of Orihime and Hikoboshi.

Precautions when using
When loading Vtubestudio, please place the front side in front of the model and the back side behind the model.

Vtubestudio parts storage location
For the initial settings
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VTube Studio\VTube Studio_Data\StreamingAssets\Items

Be careful when using Vtubestudio exclusive items
This product contains items exclusive to Vtubestudio. Please note that use with other software is not permitted.
All use outside of Vtubestudio is prohibited.

*You can load it into image editing software and combine it with your own image to create a thumbnail.

The only exception is when using Vtubestudio, where screenshots can be used without any issues.

・Background for streaming (without bamboo)
・Background for streaming (with bamboo grass)
・Sash (Orihime)
・Sash (Hikoboshi)
・Moving Background (β)

Scope of use
・Commercial use: allowed
・Secondary distribution (and sales): Not allowed
・Own creation: Not allowed



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