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[First Live2D Production Pack] Let's play with Live2D!

[First Live2D Production Pack] Let's play with Live2D!

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The super simple Live2D production pack, recommended for beginners, is back!

The simple pack is surprisingly popular...

🔰Standing image is OK🔰

This is a production pack designed specifically for bring-in use.
Please rest assured that the price includes parts.

You can debut as a Vtuber in about 10 days!


Promise of Creation

☆★☆You can only create your own original illustrations☆★☆


[Number of revisions]
Illustration: 1 time Modeling: 1 time

*After that, an additional fee of 1,430 yen will be charged for each additional revision.


[About bringing in your own design]
・If the illustration was created by another illustrator, be sure to get permission to use it in the Live2D and to make any partial changes before making a request.
・Please make sure that the illustration you bring in has a transparent background. If the illustration has a background, an additional 7,150 yen will be charged as a processing fee.
・As long as the background is transparent, it is fine whether it's a bust-up size or a full-body size.

*At the time of submission, the illustration will be used with the consent of the copyright holder not to exercise moral rights.


[About the production scene]
The artist may broadcast the creation process live.
If the artist in charge is streaming, it might be fun to go and check it out.

Regarding the nomination of artists and production progress, you cannot nominate artists or modelers for this pack.
A person in charge will be selected from among our partner creators.

Contact with the artist will be made through our designated Discord server. (Please prepare your account.)

※※※An invitation email will be sent to your email address, so be sure to check it※※※

[Product Contents]
An illustration;
・Separate the eyes and mouth

・Blinking eyes・Smile・Eye XY
Lip syncing

・Broadcasting use ・Personal use ・Commercial broadcasting use (Livestreaming)
・Video works that do not have this product as the main content

*Adult content is prohibited.

【Prohibited matter】
・Secondary distribution/sale ・Statement of identity as the creator ・Actions that violate politics/religion/crime/public order and morals ・Production of merchandise using screenshots of models ・Selling screenshots of models, such as LINE stamps

[Regarding commercial use such as distribution]
Any profits earned through commercial use such as distribution (Livestreaming) belong to the user and we have no involvement in them. If we determine that a prohibited activity has been violated, we will take appropriate action.

[Delivery days]
It will take approximately 10 business days from the time of purchase until delivery.
Thank you for your understanding of the above.

*Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays *Hours may vary slightly depending on progress of corrections, etc.

[About the start date]
Your order will be dispatched within 3 business days of purchase.

[Delivery data]
.moc3 × 1 item

*This is model data that can be displayed using Vtubestudio, etc. If you connect it to OBS, you can use it for YouTube distribution, etc. (The same applies to other distribution sites)

[Additional support after delivery]
If you would like to add additional equipment after delivery, we can accommodate your request with a separate quote.
"I want it to move more." "I want it to have more facial expressions."
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

[For customers who purchase only iPhone]
Please use the following video as a reference.

[Violation Measures]
If we find any clear violations, you will be asked to immediately suspend all use of products purchased from our shop.
The purchaser will not raise any objections to this and will be unable to use the purchased goods from the time of notification.
If the creator determines that the violation was egregious, they may claim damages of 50,000 yen (tax included) per purchase.

Once payment is completed, the purchaser is deemed to have agreed to the above violation measures.

[Other/If you have any questions]
We are not responsible for any troubles that may occur while using the model.
Additionally, we do not offer refunds or returns.

If you have any questions, please contact us via message.



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