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Free sample [Live2D model] R-1

Free sample [Live2D model] R-1

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This is a general-purpose model girl version (*´ω`*)
Cute and highly recommended

You can try it out just to play around with it, or you can use it in your streams, as it's a Vtuber trial version model, so I hope you'll have fun using it.

Video samples often don't give you a sense of how the product will feel in use, so we encourage you to actually get inside and experience our modeling for yourself.

Please take a look at our cute modeling!
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[About the model]
Model names R-1 and R-2 are general-purpose models. Purchasers can use them freely under the respective terms and conditions.

By downloading, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed on this page.

[About the differences]
This model does not include facial expression difference data.

・SNS (thumbnails, screenshots, etc.)
・Video works
・Distribution use
・Personal use

*Adult content is strictly prohibited.

Copyright and credits for this model
All copyrights of the models sold belong to us and the affiliated artists in charge.
When using, please be sure to include the following credits:


Suno Yamaoka (@BURI_modeling)

[About naming]
Since this model is a generic model, it cannot be named as a unique character.

[Regarding FA]
Creation of fan art using the model and illustrations based on the model is permitted.

【Prohibited matter】
・Use as a unique character
Commercial use
・Use in adult content
・Secondary distribution/sale
・Self-made statements
・Actions that violate politics, religion, crime, or public order and morals
・Merchandise use/goods production
・Modification of the model we sell

[Regarding commercial use]
This model is prohibited from commercial use, so it cannot be used in a profitable manner. If we determine that the model is being used for commercial purposes or in a malicious manner, we may take legal action to protest. Thank you for your understanding.

[Other/If you have any questions]
We are not responsible for any troubles that may occur while using the model.
Additionally, we do not offer refunds or returns.

If you have any questions, please contact us via message.



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