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[adopt standing picture] T-04 [10 variations]

[adopt standing picture] T-04 [10 variations]

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[Delivery data canvas size]

・Standing illustrations x 10

[About the differences]
The differences are all as shown in the sample images.

・Video works
・Distribution use
・Personal use
Commercial use

※Use for adult content will only be permitted if there is a report. Please contact us by message.

[Adopt character usage terms]
All adoptable characters sold include copyright transfer. We do not agree to non-exercise of copyrighted material. If you need to modify your own (or someone else's) work, please contact us. There is no obligation to report the use or to credit the work.

[Regarding naming]
You can name the characters you adopt freely.
Please use any name you like.

[About Live2D]
As long as it doesn't violate the terms of use, it's completely permitted.

【Prohibited matter】
・Secondary distribution/sale
・Actions that violate politics, religion, crime, or public order and morals
・Unauthorized modification of the adoptable characters sold by us

[Commercial use]
Any profits gained from commercial use belong to the user and we have no involvement in it. If we determine that a prohibited item has been violated, we will take appropriate action.

[Other/If you have any questions]
We are not responsible for any troubles that may occur while using the adopted character you purchased.
Additionally, we do not offer refunds or returns.

If you have any questions, please contact us via message.



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