[Live2D sales model] F-30

[Live2D sales model] F-30

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**The Pinnacle of Cuteness is Here!**
Why are bodysuits so captivating?
Cute × Beautiful
An ultra-cute twin-tailed Vtuber Live2D model has arrived!

With its stunning visuals, it's sure to grab everyone's attention during your streams!
Debut as a new Vtuber with this super cute model!

It secretly comes with a magic circle motion, adding a cool aspect to your streams (∩´∀`)∩
Even just watching the video is a must!

**Compatible Software**
・Vtubestudio (recommended)
・nizimaLive (recommended)

**Delivery Data Canvas Size**
2000×4000 (350dpi)

・Model file
・Model image.png × 2

**Creation Scope**
Full body + 2 pets

**Motion Information**
Each requires key settings.
・Sphere ON
・Sphere OFF

**Included Features**
・Eye XY movement
・Eyebrow Y movement
・Head Z rotation
・Head XY movement
・Smooth hair movement
・Accessory movement
・Body angle XY
・Body rotation XYZ
・XYZ bounce
・Eye highlight movement
・Sphere movement
・Sphere ON motion
・Sphere OFF motion

**Usable Range**
・Non-commercial video works
・Non-commercial and commercial live streaming
・Personal use

**Note:** Use in adult content is permitted only with prior notification. Please contact us via message.

**Sales Model Terms of Use**
All copyrights of the models sold on this page belong to us. There is no obligation to report usage or credit, but if you want to credit the creator, please use the following:

**Rig by:** Yamaoka Suno (@BURI_modeling)

You are free to name the model as you like. Please use your favorite name for your activities.

**FA and Derivative Works**
Creation of FA (fan art) while using the model and illustrations based on the model are permitted. When commissioning a third party, please inform them that you own the usage rights to avoid any trouble.

**Prohibited Actions**
・Claiming as your own creation
・Actions violating politics/religion/crime/public order and morals
・Use in merchandise/creating goods (including printed materials)
・Modification of the model sold by us
・Actions that significantly damage the character's reputation as recognized by the artist

**Note:** If you wish to use the model in printed materials or goods, please contact us. Additional contract fees will apply (the amount varies by artist).

**Commercial Live Streaming**
Revenue generated from commercial live streaming belongs to the user, and we will not be involved. If we determine that there has been a violation of the prohibited actions, appropriate measures will be taken.

**Penalty for Violations**
If a clear violation is confirmed, all use of the purchased product must cease immediately. The purchaser will not object to this and will no longer use the product once notified. If the artist deems the violation extremely severe, a penalty of 50,000 yen (including tax) per purchase may be imposed.

By completing the purchase, the purchaser agrees to the above violation measures.

We are not responsible for any troubles during the use of the model. Refunds and returns are not accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact us via message.



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